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Here we provide practical examples you can learn from and build on. The examples shows how you can use Codehooks and integrate it with some of today’s most popular development technologies.

This page is a work in progress, so make sure to come by later for more and updated examples.

Technology integrations

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Another todo app example using Svelte. This Svelte app uses the CRUD API as a data backend. This example is a re-write of the well known ToDoMVC examples.

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See how can act as a complete GraphQL backend. We'll demonstrate handling GraphQL queries and mutations and storing data in a codehooks database.

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Discover how integrates with mongoDB, giving you full control of data ownership and management. Our examples will show you the straightforward process of connecting with your MongoDB setup.

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Here we show you ways you can get ChatGPT to code the backend for you. You can also explore how to add AI-powered chat functionalities with ChatGPT. We’ll cover integration techniques for incorporating conversational AI into your applications.

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Understand the integration of Auth0 with for authentication. We'll delve into secure authentication flow implementations, emphasizing JWT and security best practices.

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Learn about leveraging with AWS S3 for data storage solutions. We'll explore simple file retrieval and storage.

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Dive into the integration of Mailgun for email functionality in your applications with

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Examine how Alpine.js’ lightweight approach complements's backend capabilities. We'll look at building interactive web components with easy backend integration.