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Fast Serverless Backend made Easy

Use JavaScript to build instantly deployable APIs and microservices for your applications
Compact serverless backend instantly available

Compact serverless backend instantly available

One compact, deployable package contains JavaScript Functions with access to two types of NoSQL database, message queues and CRON jobs. All you need is there, no config or setup. Forget complex devops security, scalability, network and K8s "space ship" setups.
Familiar development stack with JavaScript and NoSQL databases

Familiar development stack with JavaScript and NoSQL databases

Developers familiar with JavaScript, TypeScript, npm, Express.JS and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Redis will immediately find themselves at home. Everything works smoothly together providing a great developer experience.
Speed and scalability to stay ahead

Speed and scalability to stay ahead

Fast, scalable and productive is the essence of codehooks. Fast development, fast deployment, fast data management, (lightning ⚡️) fast and indexable databases, high performance HTTP/2 network and serverless backend functions. You will never look back.

Front-end developers can easily build a serverless backend and become fullstack

Codehooks is designed with a simple event driven principle. Using ExpressJS - like coding style, you hook your code to events and serverless backend functions. There are many types of events such as API events, Job events, Queue events and Authentication. Consider the simplicity in the code examples below. With codehooks, you don't write any of the plumbing, just the essential code. This approach, with zero devops setup and simple code, will make it easier for front-end developers to create their own backends too.
  • API and Database
  • Jobs
  • Queues
// Create a simple API, edit in your favorite code editor and save it to index.js
import { app, Datastore } from 'codehooks-js'

app.get('/hello', (req, res) => {
console.log("Inside the routehook");
res.json({ "message": "Hello world!"});

// POST some data into the document collection (simplified example ;-))'/documents', async (req, res) => {
const conn = await;
const doc = await conn.insertOne('documents', { _created: new Date().toISOString(), ...req.body });

export default app.init();
Deploy your application runtime to the Codehooks cloud with the coho deploy CLI command. Your API becomes instantly avaliable on a dedicated and secure endpoint URL. For example:

Database powers at your fingertips

The fast NoSQL database engine powering all codehooks APIs is also available directly using the Codehooks CLI without writing a single line of JavaScript code. From the command line, you can easily import any CSV or JSON file and then query, manipulate and transform the data in many ways. There are many use cases for this, for example for use in a CI pipeline or for working with data sets for machine learning.
$ coho import --collection studentdata --filepath ./studentdata.csv
Processing file [==============================] 4713048/bps 100% 0.0s

Finished import of 1205 objects

$ coho query --collection studentdata --fields Age,Gender,"Education Level" --query 'Gender=Female&Education Level=University' > female-university.json
$ more female-university.json
[{"Gender":"Female","Age":"26-30","Education Level":"University"},
{"Gender":"Female","Age":"16-20","Education Level":"University"},
{"Gender":"Female","Age":"21-25","Education Level":"University"}

Advanced features to get on top of the game


Codehooks supports best practise security models. Use token-based authentication for client facing applications, or API keys for secure server to server communications. Handle complex scenarios with flexible authentication function hooks. All data are encrypted at REST.

Scaleable and durable

Autoscaling of API traffic and function execution. Run scheduled background jobs with cron expressions. Use persistent message queues to handle larger workloads. Codehooks provides all the workhorses you need to create a resilient application architecture.

Organizations and teams

Create projects and collaborate with flexible team functions. Codehooks fits perfectly in modern DevOps/CI workflows. The organization dimension lets developers focus while the boss handles the invoice.


$20 per month

Explore for free with $50 credit 🍺
  • 1 space (code + datastore + settings)
  • 1 developer / admin
  • 100k function invocations/API calls
  • 100k data objects (records)

Pay-as-you-go for flexibility:
  • $20 per space
  • $5 per developer
  • $5 per 100k function invocations*
  • $5 per 100k data objects*
* 50% volume discount above 1M

You can also start with a local server for development 😎