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Easy API builder with built-in NoSQL database - the perfect tool for quick backend integrations

Spend zero time on complicated configs and focus on what matters most

A backend with everything you need in one place

A backend with everything you need in one place

One compact, deployable package containsΒ  Node.jsΒ JavaScript Functions with access to two types of NoSQL database, worker queues and CRON jobs. All you need is there, no config or setup. Forget complex devops security, scalability, network and K8s "space ship" setups. Start free without upfront costs.
Node.js, JavaScript and NoSQL - and open source option

Node.js, JavaScript and NoSQL - and open source option

Developers familiar with JavaScript, TypeScript, npm, Node.js, Express and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Redis will immediately find themselves at home. Everything works smoothly together providing a great developer experience. Avoid lock-in with open source library 'codehooks-mongodb'.
Speed and scalability to stay ahead

Speed and scalability to stay ahead

Fast, scalable and productive is the essence of codehooks. Free up your time with fast development, fast deployment, fast data management, (lightning ⚑️) fast and indexable databases, high performance network and serverless backend functions. You will never look back.

Features described with code πŸ€“

// βœ… ES6 support
import {app, Datastore} from 'codehooks-js'

// βœ… familiar Express routes, perfect for easy REST and GraphQL APIs
app.get('/route', handleGet) // etc

// βœ… built in fast NoSQL document database and Key-Value store - no config needed'/orders', async (req,res) => {
const conn = await;
// now you can use DOCUMENT operations:
// conn.insertOne, getOne, findOne, find, update, replace, remove etc.
// and KEY-VALUE operations:
// conn.set, get, getAll, incr, decr, del, delAll

// βœ… super easy Queue Workers for async processing

app.worker('sendEmail', sendEmailFunc)
conn.enqueue("sendEmail", { email: '[email protected]', ...etc })

// βœ… super easy CRON jobs

app.job('* * * * *', handleJobEveryMinute)

// βœ… Instant database CRUD REST API with validation - why code all the plumbing?
// Use codehooks-crudlify with Yup validation or JSON schema

crudlify(app, {customer, product});

// βœ… Check out the docs for more features like easy authentication etc...

Deploy to our cloud or run it yourself using open source package

# βœ… Instant deployment with CLI

npm install codehooks -g

codehooks deploy

# βœ… No lock-in. Just use open source package codehooks-mongodb to self-host πŸ™Œ

npm install codehooks-mongodb

Features to get on top of the game


Codehooks Node.js serverless backend supports best practise security models. Use token-based authentication for client facing applications, or API keys for secure server to server communications. Handle complex scenarios with IP-filters and flexible authentication function hooks. All data are encrypted at REST.

Scaleable and durable

Autoscaling of Node.js backend API traffic and function execution. Run scheduled background jobs with cron job expressions. Use distributed worker functions and queues to handle heavy workloads. Codehooks provides all the workhorses you need to create a resilient application architecture.

Organizations and teams

Create serverless Node.js backend projects and collaborate with flexible team functions. Codehooks fits perfectly in modern DevOps/CI workflows. The organization dimension lets developers focus while the boss handles the invoice.


Usage based with a ceiling

Our usage based pricing has a free tier and rapidly flattening prices when calls or objects are above 1 million (so you can sleep well 😴).

We've included a few examples here. Try our calculator if you need more details.

Free plan

No credit card required

$0 / month

  • Max 2 projects
  • 5000 function/API calls
  • 5000 stored objects
  • 3 developers
  • 1 space
  • A space is a container with code + database + settings + URL endpoint
Start Free πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Starter sample plan

Credit card required

$9.75 / month

  • Unlimited projects
  • 200,000 function/API calls
  • 200,000 stored objects
  • 3 developers
  • 1 space
  • Β 
Calculator πŸ’°

PRO sample plan

Credit card required

$94.75 / month

  • Unlimited projects
  • 5,000,000 function/API calls
  • 5,000,000 stored objects
  • 4 developers
  • 2 spaces
  • Β 
Calculator πŸ’°

Developed by the team

If is too code-oriented for you πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», please also check out the low-code (or nocode) database-as-a-service which also has a free plan.