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About Us is created by an experienced SaaS team based in Norway, Europe.
In 2016 we launched - a simple online database backend with automatic API creation and low code "hooks". has a freemium model and has paying users in every corner of the world.
The idea behind is to take the "code engine" part of and rebuild it from scratch into a more capable backend solution for frontend and backend developers.
Although is reasonably fast, it can't really compare to the flexibility and highly optimized API and database engine we have built into is a new SaaS service and we will do anything to help you develop successful projects. We have access to a developer network of experienced JavaScript and Typescript developers. Help is never further away than the chat box on this page 😄💬
  1. Developed and managed by team after many years of experience running a database SaaS
  2. Hosted on leading cloud infrastructure
  3. Similar to ExpressJS and MongoDB queries to reduce lock-in costs
  4. We love feedback and promise to respond quickly and seriously