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Alpine.js tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll dive into creating a dynamic web application using Alpine.js and We'll build a frontend with Alpine.js, a lightweight JavaScript/HTML framework, and pair it with a complete REST API database backend developed in This project offers a hands-on way to see these technologies in action.

Client code examples

Client applications communicate with a Codehooks API and database via a secure REST API.


This Codehooks CRUD example app implements a complete REST API and operations for a space/datastore and multiple collections.

Data import

Codehooks supports import of large data sets from CSV and JSON files.


Here we provide practical examples you can learn from and build on. The examples shows how you can use Codehooks and integrate it with some of today’s most popular development technologies.

Pet store API

A simple Pet store API with logging and background jobs and queue processing of complete collection data.

React backend example

How do you set up an easy backend for React? In this example we'll create a simple React app front-end with a Node.js backend API and database. The main objective of this example is to learn how to use as an API backend for your React app.

Typescript support supports Typescript. This example shows how easy it is to use Typescript to create serverless functions.