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Simplify Your Codehooks Development with Devcontainers

· 3 min read
Co-Founder and Maker @ Codehooks

In this blog post, we'll show you how to set up and use a devcontainer for Codehooks development. Devcontainers, a feature of Visual Studio Code, allow you to create a consistent development environment that can be shared across your team, streamlining your workflow and reducing setup time. Developers on OS X, Windows and Linux will now get the same environment with everything set up correctly from the start.

Codehooks is a powerful Backend-as-a-Service platform that provides Express-like endpoints, a NoSQL document database, a key-value store, a worker queue system, and a CRON-like job scheduling system, all managed through a simple CLI. To set up a devcontainer for Codehooks, follow the steps outlined in this article.