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This Codehooks CRUD example app implements a complete REST API and operations for a space/datastore and multiple collections.

Data operators

Data objects in a datastore can be manipulated in any update operation. To manipulate one or many data object(s) a range of special operators can be applied using the updateOne(...) or updateMany(...) API.

Database API

The database API lets you execute queries and manipulate data in the built in NoSQL datastore.

Indexing API

Create fast lookup indexes in a datastore. Combined with streaming queries, indexing can be a big improvement for your application performance.

Key-Value API

Run Redis-like operations against a Key-Value datastore.

NoSQL query language

Querying your NoSQL database is essential in many applications. The NoSQL database use a subset of the popular MongoDB NoSQL query language.

Part-3: Increment and decrement operations

This is part-3 of the key-value database tutorial for serverless JavaScript. In this part we'll focus on how to increment and decrement values in the built-in key-value database.

Part-4: Working with multiple values and streams

Welcome to this part-4 of the key-value database tutorial for serverless Node.js backend. In this part we'll focus on how to work with multiple key-value pairs in a key-value database.