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· 6 min read

We've just released the open source package codehooks-mongodb on NPM. It's an implementation of a backend using Node.js Express and MongoDB. It is entirely compatible with, so you get an easy way to develop APIs with built-in access to a document database, a key value store, Worker Queues and CRON jobs.

Codehooks simplifies API backend development by combining serverless JavaScript functions and fast database persistence with a coherent and well documented API. Apps are instantly deployable and scaleable to the cloud.

One of the great things about the codehooks-mongodb package is that it provides flexibility in terms of deployment options. With this package, you can develop and run a serverless node.js app locally, and you can deploy it to your favorite cloud infrastructure or self-host it.

Additionally, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can deploy your app to the SaaS service, which also supports this package. Do check out the docs or the features page for more detailed examples and information.